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2 definitions by Jocelyn_pinkpassport

adj. (suh-fis-teh-kay-ted)

1. having or appealing to fashionable and refined tastes and habits in accordance with the popular lesbian community: a sapphisticated chick
2. intelligent, knowledgeable or able to appreciate lesbian culture, society and arts: an abundance of sapphisticated friends
The new ladies event at the nightclub was teeming with the sapphisticated, Hollywood-hipster set.
by Jocelyn_pinkpassport January 16, 2009
The proceedings or events of a social gathering especially for pleasure or amusement in which idealized examples of the female gender is strongly represented.
"My sister's 21st birthday party is this Saturday. Her whole sorority will be there! You coming?"

"No. I have to have dinner with my family."

"You'd rather have dinner with your family than partake in the breastivities?"
by Jocelyn_pinkpassport January 16, 2009