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To me these so called "sex bracelets" are just a fashion right now.What kind of dumb ass would do sexual favors over a bracelet,i have many friends who have tons of them and just think they are cool....My mom thinks all this talk of those so called sex bracelets are a waste of time.....
who ever made that talk about the bracelets up is very loneing and dumb....!!!!!!
by JoAnna August 18, 2004
a thing to wear on one's foot to insulate and avoid foot odour. can come in many shapes, colours and sizes

Also a word used as per the first two examples below.
' i'll give you the sock'
' i want none of your sock'
' does this sock belong on my ear?'
by Joanna September 30, 2003
to bitch-slap someone, pref. a female.
You better watch yo'self, lest you want to get ho-checked, beyotch!
by Joanna May 14, 2004
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