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To be modestly exceptional in bed.
Damn! You were so good...
by Jo February 01, 2003
Verb. to disappear from one location and then reappear in another. (poofed, poofing)
I was late for an appointment, so I had to poof there.
#teleport #beam #apparate #randomly appear #pop up
by Jo June 14, 2006
Something usually between a dating couple or close friends, said to explain that they appreciate, like/love one for their true personality, not possessions or fake personality
Tears were streaming down my cheeks by the time he told me earnestly, "I like you for who you are."
by jo May 31, 2004
A person not really gorgerous, but good enough to make out with, no strings attached.
He's not hot, but he's makeoutwithable.
by Jo March 04, 2005
mother of one's child
by JO January 25, 2003
moron, derived from local peebles speak. rachel lumb
wee pete is a fuckin foond
by jo March 31, 2004
In roman dialect (dialect of Rome), is used to describe who is reluctant to spend money for anything and for anyone.
Tom: "what about the wedding gift for Tim? How much would you like to spend?"
Tam: "Ehm.. Uhm... I'll tell you later on..."
Tom: "You're pulciaro!!!"
by Jo October 11, 2004
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