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Used by men, often Pimps, as a degrading name to women. Mentioned on a cirtain show called "TV Sex Pals".
Pokey: Pimps are awful men. They call women degrading names such as "Slut", "Hoe", "Bitch", "Whore", "Hoochie",

by Jmax09 May 08, 2010
Homophobic means to "fear gays". Although most people do not cower in the corner when they see a gay, like they would do when they see a spider. Most people do not faint when they see a gay, like they do when they see blood. For this reason, it's definition should be changed to "Hatred of Gays" or "Dislikement of Gays".
Jamie: *Points* Lol, look at the gay.

Cameron: Yeah lol.

Gay: Don't be homophobic man! Share teh luvv!

Jamie: Dude, we arn't scared of gays, we just don't like them.
by Jmax09 August 15, 2009

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