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1) An extremely wet fart; a shart.
2) The substance that causes skid marks.
3) The substance that gives farts a humid sound and horrid smell
4) The result of a colon blast
1) Ohh man I think I just had some analeakage
2) Dad's analeakage make meaty skid marks in his underpants
2) Holy Hell! That analeakage reeks!
4) Jimmy's analeakage just ripped him a second butthole!
by Jman December 21, 2004
1. a fiasco
2. act of being shafted
3. a let down
"Whoa, James, that was a major shankadoodle!"
by Jman April 09, 2003
A slang term for licking someones penis, it is said like lik-a-ze-villy
Hey dude you likazevilly
by Jman May 15, 2004
1.A brand of cereal that was developed after the Mike Tyson ear biting incident.
2.A tea kettle
don't make me pull out a bowl of eareo's on yo' ass
by jman January 18, 2004
Just Missed UVa. For all of those who didn't quite make it to UVa...but a good college none the less.
GUY:"So where do you go to college?"
JMU GUY: "I go to JMU."
GUY: "so you didn't get into UVa...bummer."
by jman October 29, 2004

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