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Oppression and
Crips terrorized our neighbor hoods and rape or communities flooding them with drugs because they fell for the white mans plan to destroy our black people. Bloods tried to counter act that but fell victim to the same thing the dope game which cause conflict between the two that last still today. the only way to solve the problem is to be smart enough to se what the white man has done separate use and made use lose focus of our original goals to make money and keep our Black familys alive. Now we cut each others throats to survive to get a bit to eat to ride fancy cars to smoke the best weed and for power .We don't own any of the shit we fight for the white man does and you know what it's funny to them. Unite to solve the bigger problem poverty in our inner cities.
my brothas and sisters both bloods and crip.Don't live like niggas crabs and slobs don't let them take away our freedom voice cause our power with chains and shackles and falsehoods. only we can make a difference. bang for the right reason.
by Jkrazy February 07, 2009

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