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The sustitute of alcohol in your CoCo Puffs or other breakfast cereal instead of milk.

Found usually in college dorms and trailer parks.

Dan: Man, we're out of milk. I'm not gonna eat these Lucky Charms dry.
Nick: Then use some Smirnoff and have alcocohol.
Dan: Thanks man. Want a ride to class?
Nick: Nah, my girl's pickin' me up in her trailer.
by Jizzle Fo Shizzle May 10, 2007
The Monday after a super bowl when you feel hungover but still must attend: school, work, ect.

You're also still trying to remember who you were doin' in your buddie's kitchen.

Kinda like an overly progressed version of a case of the Mondays.
Hey man! Let's get a WORKIN'!
Shut up man. I'm suffereing from a Super Bowl Monday.
Okay. I'm gonna memo you about that later.

I saw you were bangin' Jill in my kitchen man while the Colts got a touchdown. Now that's what I call a score!
That's who it was?
Damn. What a Super Bowl Monday
by Jizzle Fo Shizzle May 09, 2007
Dirty ice.
Derives from how Wendy's (and other fast food places) sometimes have open air ice machines, letting dust, and other foreign objects fall in.
This should not be ingested or even put in drinks.
Unless you're fond of Herpes and Gonorrhea.
Dave: "Dude, what's wrong?"
Clayton: "I think I have Herpes. I totally had Wendy's ice yesterday."
Dave: "Bad move, man."
by Jizzle Fo Shizzle September 09, 2007
Charactoristics of being a Dem.
Usually used when one is not very fond of all Democratic views.

Promoting (one or more):
Helping the homeless
National Healthcare
Stem Cell Research
Working for the working class
Painting houses for single mothers
Global warming worries
Gay/Lesbian marriage
Erin was showing signs of democratism when she decided that (even though she was totally against it) she needed an abortion so her Conservative parents wouldn't kill her.
by Jizzle Fo Shizzle September 09, 2007
The Monday after any given Super Bowl, when all you do is get over your hang-over, and talk about the game.
Person 1: Oh.Em.Gee!!!! Did you see that one play yesterday?!?!?!? The one between the FedEx and UPS commericials? OH EM GEEEEEEE!!! It was RAD!!!!
Person 2: Stfu. I drank every time Da Bears scored, and got pretty hammered. Major hangover. Don't you see it's Super Bowl Monday?
by Jizzle Fo Shizzle February 04, 2007
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