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Same as a Cubicle Coma but takes place in a college or high school classroom instead of a cubicle.
As soon as I sat down at my school desk, I started yawning and falling asleep, and was instantly in a classroom coma, but as soon as I got to my car, I felt wide-awake.
by Jite September 20, 2010
a commercial seen while watching a youtube or other video site video. Usually it plays before the video when the site is of a commercial nature, such as yahoo's launchcast music video site. The word is formed from the combined words of commercial and computer. AKA computer commercial. It can also be used for a commercial that is played on tv, but is made available online.
"I watched a compercial on pepsi.com"

"I just saw a cool compercial play while watching a Bad Religion music video on yahoo.com"
by Jite May 16, 2009

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