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the first English team ever to field a starting XI featuring no English players.
Reporter: Why won't you play English players?
Arsene Wenger: Je ne sais pas.
by Jit February 17, 2005
nickname of Portland -- it got the nickname because the city is very liberal.
People's Republic of Portland is located on the Left Coast.
by Jit November 05, 2004
see also the Bush Administration.
Four Reich has called for war on the entire globe.
by Jit September 10, 2004
The form of government in the United States of America.
Today, the President has officially renounced democracy in favor of theocracy. Tomorrow, he will order that all non-Christians be rounded up and executed.
by Jit April 02, 2005
See definition for Leeds United.
Man U supporter to a Leeds supporter: We'll never play you again, we'll never play you again
by Jit May 17, 2004
a shite team based on the suburbs of Greece, always gets their asses rammed in by Panathinaikos
1: Panathinaikos 77
2: Olympiakos 75

afta einai!
by Jit November 25, 2004
B.O.B. = Bum Over Bitches.

The most ultimate bum doctrine there is.
Bum Over Bitches! Straight peckerwood.
by Jit November 12, 2004

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