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middle of nowhere in NC.. filled with tourists and residences wishing they were somewhere else
"where u going for summer?"

"Man, I'm staying in Shallotte!"

"sucks for you dude..."
by Jinxy June 12, 2008
a cute small animal that says "Nii" frequently and has a tendency to lick forheads... must aquire a pengturtle to sleep on. There is only one Koallama in the world an dthat is the creator of this definition.
"look a koallama!"-person

"no that is not a koallama! I am the only koallama!"-jinxy
by Jinxy June 12, 2008
can be any person or objects that a koallama picks to be obsessed with. Has no general purpose other than to entertain the koallama.
The pengturtle is being slept on by tghe koallama...
by Jinxy June 12, 2008

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