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Jinh Productions Bring you the Rap Crew
East Coast Conection featuring the real M.A.T, Notorious Du Ma, Big Manh,Mr.U6,Ardty and 1912.
Straight form Worcester, Ma made in the Eastern USA, Jinh productions trad mark.
An expanding rap crew, Wir krank in der koft!
Made in Eastern USA
Jinh productions!
by Jinh April 06, 2005
A man who is searching for a path to follow looking towards the Heavens searching for guidance, an ugly mother fucker who found love but can not obtain it, fighting an inner war with himself, trying to live in the present with a dark future and trying to forget the past. An MC who mind is twisted and insane. Big Dreams but has doubt if they can ever be obtained.
The real M.A.T. like a ghost wandering the subways while fighting himself..will he ever find peace..who is the real M.A.T.
-This shit is trade mark of Jinh productions-
by Jinh April 06, 2005
A sect of Buddhism that belives in Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, they use vodoo and began on the streets of Laos and has come to the U.S.A. It was started by laos gangsters who used it to intimate their rivals and spread with imirgation. It is not widely know and remians a myserty.
"Yo nigga what the fuck is that....is that a red skull with a knife in it?" "Shit its a sign run...Lao taosei!!!!!!!!!!! Run nigga!"
by Jinh March 23, 2005

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