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Jin in Chinese means "gold".
its also an ancient chineese state!

Ouyáng Jìng-also known as Jin, Jin tha MC, The Emcee, and 100 Grand Jin is the first Asian American solo rapper to be signed to a major record label.

Jin Kazama is the lead character in the Tekken Series(from 3 onwards)

Jin is often mistaken for the arabic word Jinn which are supernatural beingsGenie!

Jin is pronounced simillar to Gin(alcohol,spirit)
Jin:sup man heard any of ma new songs?
Arabic:ahh u a 'Jinn'go away u evil being.
Chineese:ur songs are Precious(gold)!
American:ur songs suck!
Drunkard:i would really want more of that!
by Jin! March 01, 2008
The Golden word of English Literature!
It is mimed behind people's backs to suggest that they talk too much or that they talk about useless topics for no reason.
It is also viewed as a word expressing indifference, or lack of a preference.
blah is sometimes assumed to mean something negative because it is used to replace a word that may be unpleasant, but blah itself is neutral.
"Blah! Blah! Blah!"
"I Feel Blah!"
"Blah! stop your crap!"

by Jin! March 03, 2008

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