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1 definition by Jimothy McSweenyson

When a man performs sexual intercourse on a women who squirts... alot... but when she orgasms nothing comes out. Once this happens, the male must stick a straw into the woman's vagina and proceed to "slurp" the cum out of her pussy.
Bro 1: So how was your date with Jacqueline last night i heard she is a squirter?
Bro 2: Yes indeed she is a squirter but nothing came out of her vagina during her orgasm.
Bro 1: Really, that's weird.
Bro 2: I know, but i gave her a slurpee using the same straw that you gave Maddie a slurpee two nights ago.
Bro 1: Awesome!
by Jimothy McSweenyson October 19, 2008
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