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2 definitions by Jimmykrakorn

a stupid insult really meaning "you have a life" or "your not living with your mom at the age of 49". Often used by people that are really really really stupid and/or angry nerdish
OMG, this noob does't eeven no that teh Sword of Chalderon iz wurth 12K gp mhore the Amulet of Dragontalk. ROFL LOL, what a dum noob. ijlfahuio74389758904vnjks92--4957894hif
by Jimmykrakorn December 09, 2004
oh...so you want to get offended....
fuckin faggot white bitch honkey nigger spic dike kik queerbag coon wetback faggotmcnigger mic drunk irish asshole studpid cunt women autta make me a fuckin sandwitch. I store all my cum in a little glass jar, then later pour it all over random people at school. Oh yeah, and heil Rosy O'donnel Hitler
by Jimmykrakorn December 09, 2004