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Netspeak for "No Bullshit".
Kid on Facebook: Does anyone know where I can purchase a copy of earthworm jim for the SNES?

Seller on Facebook: Yeah I got a copy.

Kid on Facebook: NBS?

Seller on Facebook: NBS. Inbox for price.
by Jimmyfingaz August 21, 2010
rational and more logic based on certain ideas and practices/opinions as oppse to their peers (see: Anarchist).Extremely skeptical on certain things, mainly new fads, alternative medicines and conspiracy theories.
Anarchist: Down with government! Burn the bible! DEAD KENNEDYS!

New-Ager: Big Pharma.....just' sayin'. THEY'RE OUT TO GET YOU AND STEAL YOUR MONEY!

Library Liberal: You guys need to chill......seriously. The last thing people want to hear is you shouting nonsense disguised as your irrational agenda.
by Jimmyfingaz August 21, 2010

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