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anyone who is aged between 12 and 19 who is outside at any time anywhere within 100 metres of someone else ages 20+. Usually townies cause they are twats who annoy old folk to act hard.
GRANDMA: "bloddy kids!"
by JimmyK September 12, 2003
a man who is very bad in bed, originally from a man who is always in the dojo.
you are a dojo boy
by JimmyK September 18, 2003
a small ginnel
go up that flutester and it will be there somewhere
by JimmyK September 18, 2003
if westlife ever beat elvis then it is a sign that the music industry has gone down the pan, they are the worst irish people ever, a disgrace to music, and ugly to boot, see teenybopper and really shit band and pop music is shit
westlife are shit
by JimmyK September 18, 2003
luaghing my ass off proudly
o wow, lmaop!
by JimmyK September 18, 2003
Spongebob squarepants's idiotic companion. Is a pink starfish
EVIL SUPERVILLAIN: "it says patrick star on your driving license" PATRICK STAR: "that doesn't mean it's mine"
by JimmyK September 12, 2003
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