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A game in which one individual spontaneously declares another to be the "Fart Smith". All those in attendance are then obligated to try to fart before the Fart Smith does. Whoever farts first wins that round of "Fart Smith".
Michael is the Fart Smith!
by JimmyJoeb September 09, 2007
3-way male orgy, as in "male-male-male bop". 1st popularized in the song of the same name by the group "Hanson".
"Mmm bop, baby; oh yeah"
-Hanson, from the song "Mmm bop"
by JimmyJoeb September 09, 2007
A scrawny, gangly, weird-ass sommbitch. Also commonly known as a "Soccer Pele" or a "Jamma Joe".
Where'd that ol' Hambo Joe get to?
by JimmyJoeb September 09, 2007
When you sent your dog to poop in enemy territory that is called "squeem poop".
I put your squeem poop in my mouth.
by JimmyJoeb September 09, 2007

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