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A person that squeezes dicks.
Timmy's a fucking dick squeeze.
#dick #dick squeezer #cock #boner #squeeze
by jimmyjimmymile May 27, 2009
The rarest of all Vampiric delicacies.
vlad: "Virgin Blood is the rarest of all Vampirice delicasies >=)"
sean: "o.O"
#virgins #vampires #blood #hunting #vlad
by JimmyJimmyMile May 30, 2009
Shitty 50 second instrumental on Ozzy Osbourne's 1980 masterpiece: Blizzard of Ozz
-Dee just finishes playing on Blizzard of Ozz-
Person 1: "Boy that was fucking stupid and didn't fit the album"
Person 2: "I know right?

Person 1: "Well at least a good song is on now Sucide Solution"
Person 2: "Yeah so much better than some shitty 50 second instrumental where Randy fucks up at the beginning"
#randy rhoads #ozzy osbourne #blizzard of ozz #instrumental #1980
by JimmyJimmyMile June 26, 2009
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