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This is actually a word to describe the gypsie community who originally travelled around making their money by mending buckets and other metal objects. Now used to describe memebers of the travelling community who steal stuff and sell bags of sugar while passing them off as other objects.
by JimmyC October 30, 2003
A word used by someone of the scumbag origin who really wants to steal your footwear.
"Here bud giz a shot of your laces or ill bleedin kill ye RIGH"
by JimmyC October 30, 2003
A boy who has some crazy shit all over his head that makes him appear racoon like.
Look theres racoon boy
by JimmyC October 30, 2003
It is the fourth word in the phonetic alphabet mostly used in military communications.
Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, etc...
by jimmyc May 30, 2005
Unbelievably Stupid, not very sound.
"That chaps a bleedin tick"
by JimmyC October 30, 2003
a girl with an ass that looks like she is wearing a nappy
by JimmyC October 30, 2003
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