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People that have a moral responsibility to target and commit violence against the dead-fish eyed non-human gutless lying manipulating motherfuckers who don't; Not persecution or discrimination, you actually have to be human to have human rights so suck it you soulless bitches!
Jimmy Timebomb is an anti-sociopath.
by Jimmy Timebomb February 24, 2013
Worthless fake shit-people with no emotions and no soul that need to be forcefully cut out of society before the lying manipulating disease that they are can propagate any further.
Wise Man: A person who knowingly and intentionally spreads HIV or any other disease, especially to children is a sociopath and should be handled like the Chinese treat their heroin addicts. With a firing squad.
by Jimmy Timebomb February 24, 2013
Cranial anus;Ass head.
Shut up Dave you fucking cranus.
by Jimmy Timebomb February 20, 2013
Fucking repugnant; God damn ugly.
That bitch with the hairy lips is refugnant!
by Jimmy Timebomb February 16, 2013
That guy in the scaly suit with a cape from the 80's G.I. Joe cartoon that ran up and screamed "Cobra La La La La La" both before and after he stabbed you in your shit with a snake. That guy was hardcore.
None may challenge Serpentor! This, I command!
by Jimmy Timebomb February 20, 2013
Fucking ugly kid.
Damn, Jenny's kid is a fugling!
by Jimmy Timebomb February 20, 2013
The word faggot as spoken through a retainer.
Tim: Hey Jay, nice retainer dickcheese.
Jay: Fergert.
by Jimmy Timebomb February 20, 2013

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