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A sexual act that is performed by defacating upon your partners chest.
Okay hun, it'll be 30 dollars for sex, 10 dolalrs for oral, and an additional 15 if you want to do anything colorful such as a Cleavland Steamer.
by Jimmy Ray August 20, 2005
1. A term for a large or heavy female.

2. A term for large buttocks on an average sized body.

3. An oversized motor vehicle that takes up more space than state and federal laws allow.
1. "Move it wide ride, I cant get through the door with you standing there."

2. "Check out the wide ride on that thin blonde over there?"

3. "Fucking wideride trucks, always taking up the highway lanes!"
by Jimmy Ray August 23, 2004
A glorified way of saying the word vomit.
Can I stay home from school today? I'm so sick that my Technicolor Yawn is covering the toilet seat.
by Jimmy Ray August 20, 2005
When you vomit into your partners mouth, or anywhere on his/her body, and you proceed to make out, passing the fluids back and forth between your bodies either through the mouth, or touching each others body.
Last night, my boyfriend and I had an amazing technicolor makeout scene
by Jimmy Ray February 06, 2004
Short for "I do not know."
I aint drinking that! Iono where it's been!
by Jimmy Ray February 06, 2004
A term used for a more descriptive version of dickcockulous used in certain situations.

The meaning however, is the same.
"Jerry's dickcockulaion level is through the roof!"
by Jimmy Ray August 23, 2004
An act of pooling everyone's money in the current group together.
Who wants to order a pizza? Everyone who does, pony up!
by Jimmy Ray February 06, 2004

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