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The moment or passage of time at which a male in sexual congress with a female gets the oppotunity to switch from vaginal intercourse to anal.

Sometimes referred to as culo finestra.
"Dude i was ploughing this rancid slam pig last weekend when she passed out. Dude, i had a total arse window right there."
#anal sex #ass ramming #brown wings #greek #southern trespass
by Jimmy Chungas October 20, 2006
The best possible parking space outside a given venue/shop/drinking establishment/gym/etc. Named so after ex-Hawthorn AFL player Dermet Brereton's penchant for parking his Ferrari at will outside the front entry of nightclubs.

Person 1: "Hey mate check out my park."
Person 2: "Fuck me...you just bagged a Dermie."
Person 1: "You know it."
Person 2: "Now you have a minimal distance to travel to your car."
#pole position #car park #car #nightclub #mojo
by Jimmy Chungas July 30, 2008
Rhyming slang for balls, as in testies. Can be shortened to Jimmys.
"Hey doc, I'm experiencing some minor irritation down stairs."
"On the Jimmy Hall's?"
(patient nods)


"Well...this is a real kick in the Jimmys"
#testicles #nuts #nutsack #nads #testies #coin purse #sack
by Jimmy Chungas July 30, 2008
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