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Meaning, have sex with me. Can be said casually as a joke most people will take lightly. Try saying it to someone of your sexual preference in a desperate tone of voice and see what happens!
"Hey, do me!"
"*pats legs* Oh, ha, you're so funny!"
by Jimmik February 20, 2004
Invented by Jimmik, a word that can be used to spice up a sentence, indicate remorse, regret, anger, happiness, joy, excitement, basically anything. The punctucation after the word often helps determine what it means. Mnea!
Mnea! I sure am excited!
Mnea...I need to go to sleep
Mneaaa...I wish my girlfriend didn't slap me today..

CaptainKeyes: Mnea!
Jimmik: Mnea, Indeed!111

Orante: Jimmik you suck nipps
Jimmik: Mnea you know it ;)
by Jimmik June 22, 2004
Meaning "of nipps". Can be used before any noun to show it is related to the noun. (C) Jimmik
Nippiliplical Cheese : Cheese Nipps
Nippiliplical Soup : Soup...nipps...hmm
by Jimmik March 26, 2004
the name of a boy who just happens to be the star of a hit book series. meep, I would kill myself if that was my name...mnea
boy 1-STFU n00b! >:O
boy 2-1 4m l337!
harry-cmon guys, dont make fun of me!
boy 1-die! and btw die!
boy 2-sorry, just..no mnea do me
boy 1-dang im left out
hermoiney-you can have me
boy 1-ok lets read/make out
by Jimmik December 29, 2003
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