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/b/ is a dog waiting on the corner for the burrito in your pants

/b/ is the kid sitting next to you in class, who banged your mom, your mom's hairdresser, her daughter, her daughters girlfriend and her mom, all in your bed

/b/ is the guy who made slipknot wear masks

/b/ is the one who poisoned taco bell, because that dog pissed him off...he might be a mexican

/b/ is into bestiality, with bears

/b/ is cooler than \d\

/b/ taught chuck norris everything he knew, by banging his mom

/b/ is holy, no matter what religion you believe, he is allmighty, and weilds the pimp hand of longinus like a true godly playa

/b/ knows your reading this, it makes him laugh

/b/ is still banging your mom, listen closely
/b/ was at my house yesterday, all i know is my face hurts, and i cant find my mom...who wants taco bell
by Jimmi E. W. cubed February 27, 2008

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