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The God who walked among us until he head-butt too many people and suffered severe trauma to the skull. Rest In Peace
I believe that nothing more needs to be said. Bow down.
by Jimmee Dean May 01, 2005
The act of channeling all the power of the great Wesley (RIP), into your foot and nailing someone in the balls with vomet-producing force.
Tasker and Jeremy decided to call upon all of the power of the late Wesley and lay a dual chicken cow onto the testes of Max. The three of them shortly died thereafter.
by Jimmee Dean May 01, 2005
A complex wrestling move invented by Jimmy Dean that doubles-over as a great excuse to put a girl in a very nice position. One day to hopefully used during sex.
Dude Jeremy, she says she's never seen the birth giver...
by Jimmee Dean May 01, 2005
The act of using the common household object best suited to insert into a female's vagina
We can do whatever we want if we win? Dude Mikey, we're totally gonna bottle Natalie on Friday.
by Jimmee Dean May 01, 2005
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