2 definitions by Jimbo_Slice

1. any form of liquid that can be used to cure the cottonmouth from the inhalation of some highly potent (extremely dank) flav.

2. Water

3. A beverage used to cry drymouth caused by: littering and, litterin and, litterin and smokin the reefer. (the blonde BZ from that movie is fine)

shit homie, i need some cottonmouth cure.

I got cottonmouth like a BZ, you got any cottonmouth cure for a cottonmouth king?

Monsters and Water are dank cottonmouth cure.
by Jimbo_Slice August 04, 2008
adj. when someone is hollarin at cha and you don't wanna be hollared at.

v. the act of attemptin to hook up with someone who doesn't wanna kickit at the time.
Baller: Quite tuggin BZ.
BZ: But you said we'd go the movies tonite.
Baller: BZ, just quit tuggin I'll call you 2mrw.
by Jimbo_Slice August 04, 2008

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