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When a simple or unimportant task becomes complicated due to engineering reasons. Generally, the person performing the simple task is overcome by the idea that the task is their life's work or that it must be done with unsurpassed accuracy. Because of this, a task that should take one day to complete takes over a year to finish. This can also apply to projects that should take a fairly long time, but end up taking eons.
Jim: That engine stand project is sure going slowly.
Burt: Yeah, it must be the Kirdoppler Effect.

Joe: Hey Stan, can you recite the shortest poem you know?
Stan: Recites poem that lasts five minutes and is anti-climactic.
Joe: Wow, I think you were hit by the Kirdoppler Effect.
#kerdoppler effect #stanalyzing #complicated #engineering #task
by Jimbo99 November 28, 2009
When an old man wears pants that are way too tight and you can see the outline of his junk, resembling russet potatoes, when he crouches or sits. This phenomenon is hard to look away from for some people, as they are baffled by the various shapes created. It's just one of those things that is so nasty that it's hard not to look.
Phil: Hi Eric! (Sits down next Eric)

Eric: Hi Phil, what's up? (Notices the outline of Phil's junk pressed down the side of his leg resembling russet potatoes)

Phil: Just working on my Jabiru. (Eric can't help but look again)

Eric: Oh, how's the work progressing? (Eric looks yet again!)

Phil: Good, I just need someone to weigh the final project for me. (Eric can't hold eye contact any longer, bewildered by why someone would wear pants so damn tight.)

Eric: I've gotta go study for a test. (Eric uses a lame excuse to escape the akward situation, but his eyes are scarred forever.)
#russet #potatoes #potatoe #junk #jabiru #potato
by jimbo99 December 12, 2009
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