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A rare condition in which one cannot decide which seat to take, even though only one actual seat is available. This is generally caused by a mental defect of some sort.
Eric: I cant decide which seat i should take on the bus sometimes. I think I may have Front seat, Back seat syndrome.
by Jim Sominsummthin July 20, 2011
An orgasm created by docking
Dude I just had a massive dockgasm
by Jim Sominsummthin May 21, 2011
Noun- A place where docking takes place
I was going to go to the movies but I decided to go to a dockyard instead
by Jim Sominsummthin April 27, 2011
1) Charlie Sheen. 2) Blasphemy

3) A phrase used to describe a dockmaster
I used to be a Razzleflazzlejimzel but i got fired.

This is Razzleflazzlejimzel! This is madness!

Razzleflazzlejimzel was in two and a half men
by Jim Sominsummthin April 27, 2011
Workers of a dockyard
I bet you you didnt know tim and jim were dockmen.
by Jim Sominsummthin April 27, 2011
The owner of a Dockyard or the most popular dockman, generally chosen every 4 years
I think ill dock with the dockmatser today
Did you know Charlie Sheen is a dockmaster?
by Jim Sominsummthin April 27, 2011

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