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Schnfard - (the "N" is silent) Someone who hates opening acts at concerts, even if the opening act rocks hard.
if you go to a concert. say...an all american reject concert. and the opening acts to YOU rock ass, but to everyone else they suck. and someone screams at the opening act, say its......boys like girls. and they scream "BOOOOOO GET OFF THE STAGE! YOU SUCK AT LIFE WE WANT THE REJECTS!" so, back to them, you can say:

by Jim Ritter March 16, 2007
a word to say instead of "bored"; someone who has a good taste in music.
friend: im really bored...
you: yeah.....shoopage.

you: oh my god! you like the band boys like girls too?! wow that is total shoopage, dude.
by Jim Ritter March 16, 2007
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