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2 definitions by Jill Hammersmith

A girl who follows the emo fashion, music etc.
She will complain about how hard her well-off suburban life is and how people are so mean to her about her style when she will turn around and abuse anyone who isnt emo or who she deems to be an emo wannabe.

Or someone who dresses emo etc then claims they arent and will start a fight over how they arent emo.
*some boy wearing black jacket walks by*
Emo Bitch: like ZOMG!!!(note: Emos love to overuse this word.)You're such a poser!

*Emo Bitch talking to her emo friend*
Emo Bitch: Someone called me an Emo. And I mean Im SO not emo.
by Jill Hammersmith June 25, 2006
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Someone who is tall, with a quiff and hugs akwardly.
"OMG Ryn! I dub thee Stringy Tin-Tin."
by Jill Hammersmith June 25, 2006
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