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What white people call Bradford because of the large Asian population.
Let's go to Bradistan this weekend - you can pick up a great curry there.
by Jigs got a passport November 10, 2004
A car whose owner can only afford to run it by making regular donations to the sperm bank
Damn I just got caught by a speed camera and my fuel tank is empty and my insurance needs renewing. I calculate that to cover this cost I need to make 72 donations to the sperm bank. Or ask my boss for a payrise but that would involve less orgasms for me.
by Jigs got a passport February 19, 2004
Rather like chavistan or chavdad but with just the right number of syllables.

A place occupied by the scallyban
I'm not going to that fast-food outlet because it's chavganistan in there. There really is a scallyban regime going on in there.
by Jigs got a passport June 07, 2006
A place with a rather lage chav contingent.
The local retail park is turning into Chavistan
by Jigs got a passport November 08, 2004
An opressive atmosphere caused by the sheer number of nearby chavs. Derived from taliban but instead of burkas, they enforce the wearing of baseball hats, sportswear and large amounts of cheap jewellery and persecute anybody who is not seen to conform.
I hate walking down that road. There's a scallyban regime in force there. It's like chavganistan.
by Jigs got a passport June 07, 2006
Really uncomfortable situation in which a pubic hair beomes somehow entangles with another pube or with your underwear. Difficult situation in public places as it can be excrutiating, with the only cure being some personal hand to crotch contact - inside your pants.
I don't need an example - it has happened to most of us who have transcended puberty and not removed all their pubes by shaving or waxing.
by Jigs got a passport May 14, 2004
Following on from the naming of chavistan, in the vein of referring to unpleasant places by echoing the names of middle-eastern nations or cities, a place with a heavy chav population can be described as chavdad.
Chavdad is more than a place where chavs gather, it is akint o a capital city for chavs.

"McDonalds in the high street is like Chavdad"
by Jigs got a passport November 10, 2004

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