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A sport played world wide, but in most countries called football, not soccer. Here in the US many people think the US team is bad, but they are wrong. When the US mens national team entered Germany this Summer they were ranked 12 out of Fifa's 127 mens' teams, not so good are they? The sport originated in England and was spread to its colonies on several continents, for is one reason of its global domination. In the US many American Football fans and players will out of nowhere call a soccer player words such as Gaypher, Puccy, and Baby, even though they are covered in foot thick pads and break every thirty seconds to hudle in a circle and use poor vocabulary to make up plays. I have played both so don't criticize me for being "ignorant" to either sport. I think we should put much more effort into excepting soccer teams and players into our country, for soccer is our image in sports to the rest of the world. it takes speed, agility, intellegence, and common sense, {and also does not pay more for a player the fatter they are}!
American Football Fan: *While eating bags of chips and jumping off of the couch when some guy catches a ball in a marked area* "You play soccer, thats a puccy sport!"

Soccer Player: Yeah, and I don't have to weigh over 300 pounds to join the team either.

American Football Fan: Well, they really sucked up this World cup while in erm...wasn't it China?

Soccer Player: it was Germany, and mabye if you watched the sport once in a while you would notice how they are in the top 10 percentile of Fifa ranking...
by Jibbyjab August 06, 2006
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