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a fictional character in a fantasy novel by E.S.Quinton called Chamorhyn

Entire name Shajhef Lafae Selvaggio, in the elven language it means child of the wild.
"What are you?"
"I am Shajhef Lafae Selvaggio, last of my clan."

"Did you see that woman's child, acting all crazy, he was so Shajhef!"
by Jhefie September 28, 2007
Chamorhyn is the elven version of the Ainu word for a spiritual being, also similar to the Japanese word Kami meaning god of the sky.

The actual meaning of Chamorhyn translates to Winds of Change, or Change of Winds.

A person place or thing that brings about sudden transformation.

From the novel Chamorhyn, by E.S.Quinton
"Everything was fine, until the Chamorhyn arrived, nothing has ever been the same again."

"Dude, your life is like, so Chamorhyn!"
by Jhefie September 28, 2007

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