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PRM(partido Revolucionario Mexicano)
PRM is another texas gang which is characterized for fanatism, belief, and somewhat worship of old mexican revolucionaries such as Pancho Villa.
"ese vato es del PRM"
by Jex Bonepartz July 28, 2006
A mythical creature that flies and smokes marijuana....often seen by residents of a small neighborhood called cameron park in Brownsville, TX....
Mostly seen by a crazy guy called jex.
He's a little flying kangaroo..and he likes to fly...KaKa!,KaKa!,KaKa!....As he goes in the sky!
by Jex Bonepartz August 06, 2006
A weirfd magical human being found in the remote region of cameron park in the middle of nowhere. In order to get to this person, you must follow the yellow brick road and act retarded. Amerikin will be standing at the end of the road.
If you do one false move, Amerikin will undoubtfully..kill you.
How's it going Amerikin!
by Jex Bonepartz August 06, 2006
A crazy, overreactive homie that sniffed some cocaine with the hippie guy from cheech and chong and the stole their money...Pewee Herman said he was sorry, but then he just laughed and said he wasn't.
Let's go shoot up some vatos with my homie Pewee Herman.
by Jex Bonepartz August 06, 2006
A crazy ass vato who dealz with nature and its animals, known to be shitting the stick everywhere.
Oh my god! Did Ace Ventura eat that piece of shit on the floor?????
by Jex Bonepartz August 06, 2006

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