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1. One of the most fetid and painful farts that humankind emits. Starts off as a loud, noisy blast, then quickly dwindles into silent, hot burning gas out of a person's anus.

2. A long, smelly, very foul fart that is usually accompanied by diarrhea.
"Clear the room! Somebody just Scott Baio'd!"

"I ate so many prunes that I got an attack of the Scott Baios."

" Hey, Guys! Let see if I can produce a blue flame when I Scott Baio!"
by Jewel64 April 22, 2010
1. To dance with no grace, rhythm or timing, but blame somebody else (kids, teacher) for your lack of talent

2. To dance like an elephant zombie
v. The snooty woman canklekated all over the dance floor.

n. He was stuck with a real canklekate at the nightclub.

v. Tony tried, but his partner's constant canklekating really got to him.
by Jewel64 April 22, 2010

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