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Orginally founded by close friends of the savoia family.
The meaning circles between stupid, fat and ugly. Gayishism can be used for either of these and can be used to demonstrate them all.
Can also be refered to as a Savoia.
Savoia: Amanda you never talk to Chino, dump him and go out with me.
Gayishism is found in this sentance because Savoia is fat, ugly AND stupid. This is a good example because it uses the full extent of the word.

Example: You just pulled a Savoia man.
by Jewb November 10, 2004
A common abreviation for "Night Elf Porn"
dood i was dlin' this kewl nep off of kazaa yesterday
by Jewb February 28, 2004
One who is iGnome
Ignome your such a fucking poofter
by jewb May 04, 2003

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