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1 definition by JewBean

A dope ass character from the movie "KIDS" directed by Larry Clark in 1995. He's pretty much homies with the main character "Telly". He wears skater clothes, independent white T-shirt, and these sick ass chino pants, with low top converse. He has crazy black hair, and he loves the booze and the weed. He's funny, charming, dopey, short tempered skateboarder. He's also a bit sick and twisted but so is everyone in the movie.
*Casper sucks the cool aid out of a tampon* "my girls got mad flava! *slurp* heavy flow"

*Casper kicks a black guy on the ground* "suck my dick *kick* suck my dick *kick* suck my dick"
by JewBean August 14, 2011