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2 definitions by Jetronics

A superior being known as "The Jet". At any given time, if the impossible is needed to be accomplished the Jet must be unleashed. To unleash The Jet it is simple, just yell "JET" at the top of your lounges.
Craig Fitzgibbons: Oi Jet can you help me lift this large and abnormally sized pumkin into my trailer?

The Jet: Yeh no problem fitzy. *tries lifting the 500kg pumpkin and fails*

Craig Fitzgibbons: Strewth, we have a heavy pumpkin here. Think we might have to get Darrel over to lend a helping hand.

The Jet: NO! We still have one option left. I think you know what to do!

Craig Fitzgibbons: JETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!

*Before Craig could even scratch his right nut, the pumkin was in the trailer*

The Jet: So... Drop the pumpkin soap off tomorrow mate
by Jetronics November 14, 2010
A women that is not morbidly obese but is still quite large. Generally most poggers have large thighs, big breasts and are large arsed.
Graham: I seen that pogger you hooked up with the other night, she was in a fairy costume.
Dennis: There is nothing like a plumb fairy if you ask me, she can touch my wand any day.
Graham: Yes Dennis
by Jetronics November 13, 2010