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4 definitions by Jet Lewis

during sex, the man turns off the lights, and puts his testacles in the girls mouth. Thus, feeding her the amish meatball.
Yo man, last night was so crazy. I gave that girl the amish meatball.
by Jet Lewis April 03, 2008
14 9
When a woman is giving a man a blow job and proceeds to slap the man in the nuts, causing discomfort and possible anger to the man.
That fucking slut gave me the Sacramento sack tap last night. I was fucking pissed dude.
by Jet Lewis November 13, 2008
10 6
Another name for a pussy; Something you call someone when you are in a crowd and you don't want to say "pussy".
Yo man James is being such a yssup lately.
by Jet Lewis April 10, 2008
6 6
when the woman does not want anal sex but the man does. He performs the sneak attack and sticks his penis into her ass when she is not expecting causing her to yell Holy Shit!
Jenna did not want to do anal, but i did. So i gave her the Holy Shit.
by Jet Lewis March 17, 2008
44 49