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A celebrated scientist and intellectual, Richard Dawkins is most well known for his book "The God Delusion", an attack on organised religion, anti evolutionists and religious led human rights inequalities (ie homophobia, mainstream Americas mis-trust of abortion) , among other things.
The man is little less than a genius in my opinion.
He makes science understandable yet mystical, and his passion for it is evident in the way he argues his point (verociously).
He's been called alot of things, and some people on this site seem to totally have it in for him, but if everyone listened to Richard Dawkins a bit more I think we'd end up with a better world.
He hosted a tv show called The Root Of All Evil? for channel 4 about religion but he disowned the title. No one thing is the cause of all evil, except maybe Rupert Murdoch.
"Richard Dawkins is a genius!"-Me

"Richard Dawkins is going to burn in hell!"- Ann Coulter.

"SHUP BITCH!"-Everyone else.
by JesushjtjtChrist August 21, 2007

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