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3 definitions by Jesus and his disciples

Transforming robots from the planet cybertron, depending on your view point either "more than meets the eyes" or "robots in disguise"
The Transformers are: Autobots-optimus prime, sky fire, wreck-gar, hot rod, bumble bee, ratchet, iron hide, kup, jazz, mirage, cliff jumper, chopper, arcee(boo), ultra magnus, the dinobots, blurr, fortress maximus, wide load, roll bar, point blank, brainstorm, highbrow, hard head, chrome dome, sure shot, cross hairs, goldbug, blaster, and alot more, prowl, wheeljack, trail breaker, sunstreaker, sideswipe, skylinx honorary autobots-spike, daniel(kinda) Decipticons-Megatron, starscream, soundwave, devastator, astrotrain, scorponok, galvatron, cutthroat, blot, battletrap, laserbeak, reflector, thundercracker, ravage, rumble, and alot more, honorary decepticons-TJ and Dave
by Jesus and his disciples June 17, 2006
201 72
extremely long thin nipples, noodle-like
God, they're sticking out like an inch, total noodle nipples
by Jesus and his disciples August 24, 2006
17 6
The thing that has help the Catholic Church keep from having sex for 30 years
Dungeons and Dragons is so awesome though i wish i felt the nice touch of a woman
by Jesus and his Disciples April 03, 2006
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