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Tennagers often say this just before getting high, often with a joint. They make a imaginary shed and step into it and sit down and get high (making sure to close the door behind them). Often these imaginary sheds are made in obvious places e.g oval, park
Me "hey, piglet! wanna go make a shed?"
Piglet "Fuck yer!"
Me "sweet, let the stoning begin!"
by Jesus The Stoner March 01, 2008
Sometimes when a person gets stoned and stare at another persons face they can turn into things...like a green herbivore dinosaur!
me "Im so high man.."
green herbivore "i can tell you fucking clown shoe!"
me "DUDE! your a fucking green herbivore dinosaur!"
by Jesus The Stoner March 01, 2008
A word used by friends to trip out a stoned or high friend.
Me "dude im so high"
green dinosaur "your a fucking clown shoe man"
Me "Whaaaat? man you fucking me up"
by Jesus The Stoner March 01, 2008

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