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A very sparsely used sexual style, which involves filling every single one of your girls "dimples" with your "syrup"
Jim- "My girlfriend wants to take our relationship to the next level. What should I do.

Random Stranger- " You should try waffle style. Just keep yourself hydrated."
by Jesus Con Carne April 26, 2010
The phrase screamed by a mentally hadicapped person when they've successfully recieved a pitifully weak football toss.
Paul- "Watch out johnny, here it comes."
*basically hands the football to the handicapped individual*
Johnny- "Tunch Down!!!"
by Jesus Con Carne April 26, 2010
A college tradition that involves avoiding shaving because it's no shave November, or usually because you're just too lazy. Fortunately, every month can be made into a no shave month.
Paul- "Dude your beard is gross, you should shave."
John- "Sorry bro, it's no shave november."

Other months:
Just don't shave January
Forget shaving February
Mustn't shave March
Avoid shaving April
by Jesus Con Carne April 26, 2010
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