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An endearing term derived from the German word Schlampe- bitch/slut and the German word Schotzi meaning loved one.
I love you schlampz.
My schlampz.
by jesucka December 03, 2011
A county in Washington state, renamed Kitsap County on July 13,1857. Kitsap County is home to Port Orchard, Bremerton, Olalla, Poulsbo and Silverdale. Despite its beauty, Slaughter County is full of rapists, killers and meth labs. Jokingly known as Kidnap County.
That crazy shit must have happened in Slaughter County.

Wanna see the Slaughter County Roller Vixens roller derby tonight?
by Jesucka May 26, 2012
A Jessica or Jesica who hates her name and rewrites it for maximum coolness.
Jesucka kicked some whore bandage's ass today

Jesucka is building a space ship.
by Jesucka May 26, 2012

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