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1)A word to describe a hot girl
2) A girl that everyone wants
3) see hot
Bob: i wish i could find a charli
sally: then you would be cool
by Jessyka March 19, 2004
1) an expression used to exclaim something.
2) a word to use instead of "oh my god" in the beginning or end of a sentence
"choofadies! orlando bloom is HOT!"

Bill- The tickets to the concert sold out.

Suzi- Oh choof...that sucks
by Jessyka February 19, 2004
another word for a fag, flamer, or homosexual
that keith dale is a fagonian
by Jessyka February 19, 2004
one of my fav bands...i also love afi!...but the used kick monkey balls...so step off!!!
a box full of sharp objects is the kewlest song!
by Jessyka October 13, 2003

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