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An Arcane order of individuals brought together through common esoteric beliefs. The three main axioms of belief are Antiestablishmentarianism, Mysticism, and Expression.

Good and Evil were created by man; the natural world has no such proof of their existence (unlike day and night, hot and cold, etc.). However, many can agree that what is Good is Good to most, but that which is Evil is highly disputed.

That said, to "Live Evil" is to be open to all ideas in the pursuit of truth, Good or Evil. You find your own path and light, but do not judge others that do not share it.

You may choose to worship Satan, God, or The Void (or perhaps something of your own understanding) to strengthen your metaphysical power. However, if you choose to worship nothing, your power will only be through physical or societal channels.

Utilizing your power, you will express this belief through Art, Music, Poetry, Writing, Professions, Conversations, etc.
1.) What is Good for some is Evil to others.

2.) Your disposition is to be 'Chaotic Neutral' (not to be confused with Lawful / Neutral / Chaotic Evil or Neutral).

3.) You may break the law on a daily basis in your pursuit of truth and happiness. Don't get caught and don't hurt others!!

4.) Prime example of lIVEVIl is the character, Neo, in the movie series entitled 'The Matrix'

by JessupX January 09, 2009

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