6 definitions by Jessica Pille

The amount that something does suck.
When you first encounter Diablo, you truly test your degree of suckage at D1.
by Jessica Pille February 05, 2004
Pertaining to being random, a person's degree of random.
What made her so special was her randomosity made everything seem like it connected in some obscure way.
by Jessica Pille October 22, 2003
The fear of bodily wastes and excrements.
As our class entered the city's sewer treatment plant, I soon realised that many people had fecalphobia.
by Jessica Pille November 02, 2003
Something that is both spiffy and delicious in sight or otherwise. Can be used for anything, not just food.
"That cake is freaking spifilicious!" or "That is one spifilicious bumper sticker."
by Jessica Pille November 20, 2003
A combination of the words "Spiffy" and "Terriffic"; spelled this way for looks, not for the actual combination.
That game was just spifirific in every aspect.
by Jessica Pille October 22, 2003
A bar.
"I went into that submarine over there and got meself another wet."
by Jessica Pille November 02, 2003

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