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4 definitions by JesseCPK

The amount of time, varying from instant coffee to a drip pot, it takes to make coffee.
Mom: Get Up!

Teenager: Is coffee ready?

Mom: Not Yet!

Teenager: Wake me up in Coffee More Minutes
by JesseCPK September 02, 2012
To be volunteered by your mother without permission, knowledge, or desire to attend an event or do a task.
Ugh. I don't want to be picking beets either, I was momunteered.
by JesseCPK August 04, 2012
The condition of a hand having a million doodles, lines, and words on it, a result of writing and drawing on it during school.
*On a bus ride home*

"Dude, what happened to your hand?"

"I dunno, Marissa has been doodling on it all day."

"I guess you have after school hand."
by JesseCPK September 02, 2012
When a non-gangster has a hard time keep their pants up, due to an unnaturally disproportionate butt that is smaller then the rest of their body. In effect, the person has to get tight pants, a belt, or walks around pulling up their pants up all day.
"Why don't you ever wear those pants."

"I can't, I have Gangsta Butt Syndrome."
by JesseCPK August 18, 2012