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3 definitions by Jesse Potter

It's funny. Tell someone to smoke your balls, and you'll realize how GREAT it is.

After you say it enough, and become popular. You can also say "Smoke em" or "Kid, smoke em, now". People will know what you mean.
"Zach, you're being a douche bag, smoke my balls."


Other person: "Hey, I like paintings and straw hats."

You: "Kid, smoke em, now."
by Jesse Potter May 27, 2004
When one buys a bag of sunflower seeds, and then proceeds to eat them.
Jesse: "Hey bro, you hitting the bag yet?"

Leighton: "Bro, I was BORN to hit the bag."
by Jesse Potter August 07, 2004
Another word for "masturbation" or "jerking off".
Jay: "So she walked in, and I'm on the bed, ballin' it."
by Jesse Potter August 11, 2004