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3 definitions by Jesse O. Roy

Facial Hair: When a young man, not yet able to grow a tasty moustache, grows about 8-9 hairs on his upper lip. It only slightly resembles a moustache, but more-so resembles poop.
(Can also be called a dirtstache, shitstain, or mancrap)
You're a doofus, Carl, shave your poostache
by Jesse O. Roy February 19, 2008
31 11
A sexual move: Party A licks Party B's ass hole, and continuing that lick, goes up the back and then, in a circular motion with the tongue, continues the lick all up in the hair of Party B.
Hey Helga, I could really use a toupe right now!
by Jesse O. Roy February 17, 2008
86 81
Facial Hair Style: Where a man, or in some cases a hairy woman, grows a poostache accompanied by a bunching of chinhair.
Wow Mick, that sure is a filthy Gentleman Caller
by Jesse O. Roy February 19, 2008
22 123